Possible litter due July 2017!

Sandpiper Cairns usually has new litters
twice a year.
We do require that you visit us and discuss
the purchase.  
If you have children we would like to meet
them as well.  
Before the puppies go home they are
thoroughly checked by our veterinarian and
given their first puppy inoculations.  They
will be wormed and the whole litter will be
registered as a group with the American
Kennel Club (AKC).  

The new owners will receive proof of vet
visit and AKC individual registration
application.  We will also send them home
with lots of literature and information for
their new parents.  
We also intend to make sure the new
parents know that we are always available
for any questions they might have.
Sandpiper Cairn Terriers
Carol Ann Ballard
West Yarmouth, MA